Greg Spinney
Waterloo, Ontario



specializing in experimental and electro-acoustic forms of musical expression...spoken word, audio collage & soundscapes are also a part of my overal portfolio of sound.
Releases include:
1997 artist: Gype cassette: "edge to slice"
2001 artist: (in)Terminus cd:"into the dextroscope"
2001 artist: dextrospinoza cd:"dyslextro"

I have taken the past 6 years to learn, study and jam in my studio, sampling, sequencing midi, designing midi trigger systems for a live performance approach which i have applied to my recording style. I have recorded hours of experiments and performances, and now iam up to my neck in material...
I expect to be finished in the next year.
Some music will be appearing on the DextroSpinoza site beyond my outer space picture here.....
I am also available for production and engineering live bands and studio projects....

all music&ART:(c)dextrospinoza2007//socan